Kitchens & Baths

Kitchens and baths are the most frequently renovated rooms in the house. They’re also the most likely to make you want to cry, pull your hair out or drink a LOT — or a combination of the three at any given time. We get that. This is why of all the rooms in your house, these are the ones where a designer is worth their weight in gold. There are many complicated fundamentals to kitchen and bath design — code requirements that must be adhered to, functionality that must be considered and flow patterns to understand. You could always go to a big box store, and they can help put a layout together for you, but those people are little more than assembly-line production, churning through kitchen after kitchen, bath after bath, day in and day out. They don’t have time to give your project the attention it needs to become your oasis. You need a designer to help you make the big, as well as the seemingly insignificant decisions, that make the difference between “yay” and “YAY!!”.

We understand that, as with so many wonderful things, getting that perfect kitchen or bath can be an expensive undertaking. Sometimes it is simply outside the budget to bring in a designer from start to finish. You may be savvy to design and remodeling, so only need a plan and some guidance, and that’s OK! If possible, we honestly believe it is always better to have a designer handle everything (even if it’s not us!), but we understand sometimes you have to get your savings somewhere. 

This is why we have created the basic Kitchen & Bath Design packages described below. There’s something here that can benefit almost any project, and if there’s not, we are happy to create a customized plan that’s right for you.

Book your free 30-minute phone consultation now, and let’s get started on the kitchen or bath of your dreams!

Plan & Layout

  • Measure space

  • Floor plan

  • Elevations

  • Mechanical plan

  • Tile backsplash


  • Color elevation mockups*

  • Two (2) 3D renderings*

  • Additional views billed at $350 each

* Note: Renderings and mockups are 2D and conceptual in nature unless otherwise specified.


  • Cabinetry

  • Flooring

  • Countertops (including one meeting at slab yard)

  • Lighting

  • Fixtures

  • Hardware

  • Backsplash

  • Appliances

  • Wall covering (paint, wallpaper, tile, etc.)

  • Window treatments

  • Detailed spec sheet

  • Up to 6 hours of design time total

  • Procurement of some materials and delivery coordination available.*

Note: Material procurement and delivery coordination not included. A separate proposal will be created upon request. 

Complementary Furnishings

  • Select and present furniture package for an adjoining room (breakfast room, dining room, bedroom, living room, etc.)

  • Order management  

  • Installation and styling

Project Management*

  • Available in 10-hour blocks

  • Site visits

  • Check and confirm materials

  • Weekly progress report

Note: Project management is only available for layouts created by Peppermint.