Color Your World

We get it. Color can be overwhelming. You may know what colors you do or do not like, but you have no idea how to apply them to your home. Or maybe the very thought of facing that paint-store wall covered in hundreds of tiny color squares is enough cause a minor panic attack. 

It’s ok. We can help. 

There’s no reason you have to live another minute surrounded by the generic builder beige that came with the house when you moved in. It’s your house now, so let’s make it reflect you!

We can help you build a color scheme that will make you happy — whether it’s for a room or two or your entire home. Call us to discuss your color dilemma, and we will schedule a time to set up a 2-hour in-home color consultation. Click here to book your free 30-minute phone consultation, and let’s talk about color!

We’ll arrive at your house with a set of large-scale tried-and-true paint samples, as well as additional Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin-Moore books. After our meeting, you will get an itemized sheet detailing the colors and numbers for each paint color, room and application, as well as recommendations for appropriate paint finishes.