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bringing beauty to the world,

one room at a time

Me and my trusty partner, friend, carpenter and all around wunderkind, Boomer.

Me and my trusty partner, friend, carpenter and all around wunderkind, Boomer.

Hi, I'm Candy, owner and principal designer here at Peppermint.

I’ve always loved good design. The colors, the textures, the shapes — all of it just makes me happy. … And that moment when I find that unicorn pillow that EXACTLY pulls together the rug, the sofa AND the chairs? Well, there are not enough emojis to express that feeling! 

I have taken that lifetime love and passion for color and creativity to Peppermint: an interior design studio devoted to making fun, unique and functional spaces accessible to everyone. Everyone deserves a place that, when you walk through the door at the end of the day, makes you smile and hopefully makes your life a little easier.

I specialize in helping clients who want just such a place — well-designed, thought-out, intentional — to call their own but may not have thought it possible. That, or maybe you have no idea where to start or the time to manage it. Whether it’s as simple as shopping for a new sofa or choosing paint colors or as complicated as a full remodel and refurnishing, we can do this. Let me help.

We’ll sit down and talk. Tell me about yourself and what you want your home to do for you. Show me some pictures if you have them and walk me through the space. Then we’ll talk some more, probably a lot more, and discuss a budget. From there, we’ll figure out which approach works best for you and set about to create a home that suits your lifestyle. Our goal? Zero stress. All smiles.

I love my job. It's incredibly fun, no doubt about it, and I just love all the pretty things I get to interact with every day. But, at the end of those day, it’s about more than just pretty things. Hands down, the best part about it is finding the things and creating the spaces that make a home fun and beautiful and yours.